Monday, March 4, 2013

The $14.97 Monstrosity

In a previous blog post, I lamented my lack of thrift "finds" and poked fun at the fact that everyone else in blog-land seemed to be able to score amazing things at the local Good Army/Salvation Will places.

I think I finally found one of mine own.

I've long wanted a button-tufted ottoman for a coffee table.  I really wanted a round button-tufted ottoman for a coffee table.  But even the basic ones were out of my budget; the "plain" Hayes ottoman at Ballard's starts at $300

During my weekly visit to Good Will, I found this:

I don't think the manufacturer could have chosen a more repulsive fabric if they had been held at knifepoint and ordered to do so.  Cheap plaid taffeta...really?  But I stopped and looked.  I hiked up the skirt and it was immaculately clean underneath.  I did the sniff test, which must have looked hilarious to the other shoppers.  Passed.  I sat on it - extremely sturdy with no wobbles.  Some of the buttons are missing, but the tufting holes are in place and easily located.

Then I checked the price.  Oh.  $49.97 - not a bad deal, but more than I had to spend.  Maybe next time it will still be the...wait.  What?  Lemme check that tag again.  That's not a 4...that's a 1.  Yep - $14.97.  I snatched that yellow tag off so fast I almost got a paper cut.

I believe in my little romantic heart that I can make this look almost as good as the Ballard number. I have ordered a swatch of this fabric:

It's cotton upholstery fabric and it's only $8 a yard.  If it suits, I'm going to go for it, and I might use it to make drapery panels and pillows for my sofa.

I'll keep you posted on the transformation.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Based On A Story By...

That's Hollywood-ese for "your first book was made into a hit movie, and we want to milk that franchise for all it's worth but we don't want you actually involved, so here's eleventy billion dollars to go away and we'll give you this lousy credit instead".

Once again, Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict has inspired me to do something based on a story by...well, you know what I mean.

I previously made this wreath:

...which was inspired by a post by Debbie.

This week's ripoff tribute was inspired by her lovely Ballard's sale items.  Since I live in Bugtussle, a trip to the Ballard's outlet is a day thing, so I ordered my stuff online.  I got the same delicious wired document ribbon and French script wrapping paper.

Having learned the absolute value of a Michael's "50% off one item" coupon, I put that to good use last night.  So between Michael's and Ballard's, I have a new spring wreath.  I tweaked mine a bit and added some roses made from the wired ribbon.

So thanks once again,'re absolutely an inspiration.

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