Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To Keep Those Pots...Hot!?

I have my mother's Birmingham Silver tea and coffee service.  It has a teapot, a coffee pot, a sugar bowl and a cream pitcher, along with a large tray.

I am unsure of the actual pattern name; I've seen it called "pumpkin" or "lily of the valley" from the little floral decorations.  You can see the detail better in this stolen borrowed photo:

My predicament is how to keep the contents of the teapot and the coffee pot...well, hot.  I have seen the "samovar" versions, but it appears the pots have to be configured specially for that set up (knobs on the pots to fit into the samovar brackets).

I thought this item would work, but I am concerned that the legs of the pots will interfere with them balancing on the warmer base:

Does anyone have any ideas?  Do they make (did they make?) a spirit lamp setup or a tea candle thing that would work with that style of pot?

Any and all answers are appreciated it; I wanted to serve tea and hot chocolate at my January open house and no matter how beautiful the service, cold ain't gonna cut it.