Saturday, September 7, 2013

When Last We Left Our Blogger  It's been 6 months (a bit more) since I wrote here.

A lot has been going on.  I gave my heart to someone, and he stomped that sucker flat.  (Note to self - don't do *that* again)

But I'm back.  And I think I have an incredible opportunity.  An old childhood friend (really - I've known him literally since kindergarten) has been very encouraging about my mad skillz at this stuff I do.  He's asked me to put together a business plan for what it would take for me to get my goods out to a larger audience.  I'm beside myself with verklempt-ness.  I alternate between clueless rapture and utter nausea.

My thoughts are a booth in a local arts/crafts/antique mall, as well as a space at a large flea market near my home.  If anyone has any advice - up to an including "WHAT?!  ARE YOU CRAZY?!  DON'T DO IT!", I would be grateful to listen.

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    1. Rosemary:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. You're one of my inspirations and I've learned so much from you :)


  2. Give it your best effort and let it go where it leads!

  3. This sounds wonderful. I wish I had someone to invest in my ideas. I've had so many good ones...that if only I'd had a little money to invest...I'd be very rich now. But I never have the money I need to get started. So great that someone is taking an interest in your talents. I laughed when you said you got your heart stomped on and you wouldn't do that again. Boy...I know the feeling. I WILL not ever let that happen to me again. I have too many things to do to let a man get me down.

  4. hi I had things in a local flea and then a craft store. Duh I then posted pictures (ok my daughter did)on craigslist with the location and price and B A M things started selling to those people. I'm just sayin.