Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We interrupt this program...

...for a rant.

I stopped at Home Depot tonight to pick up some spray paint for a project.  I used the self-checkout line.

I scanned the first can and a message saying "please show ID to cashier" popped up.  I thought "I'm paying cash, so meh".  I ran the 2nd can over the scanner and it wouldn't scan.  Tried it again...no luck.

The cashier finally stepped over and said "Oh - let me clear that for you.  We have to see ID to keep kids from purchasing spray paint to huff"

Is there a "WTF" icon on blogspot?  If so, I'd use it about eleventy billion times in this post.

Making people (regardless of age) show ID to purchase 2 cans of spray paint, or a package of cold medicine, or whatever other substance has been relegated to that grey area of "not illegal, but we're going to give you agita for purchasing it because we *can*" is NOT going to stop people from huffing or making illegal drugs.

What it's going to do is lose you business over the long run.  Touchy-Feely-Nanny legislation like this accomplishes nothing.  But I guess it *is* easier than tackling those silly issues like the highest property taxes in Christendom (I was purchasing said pseudo-contraband in NJ).



  1. Haha - I agree 100%!

    It drives me NUTS!! And...our Home Depot does not have any checkout lines except the self checkout. If they keep track of all the spray paint I buy, I guess I'm in trouble. I paint a ton of stuff and I'm always buying spray paint!

    I can totally relate to this post. It drives me crazy every time I go in there. Problem is, our local Home Depot is the only place around here that sells my beloved Heirloom White and Winter Gray.


  2. LOL! It's actually the law in one county near me--they have to keep the spray paint in the front of the store--like you have to walk through the check out area to get spray paint, then go back through and get in line! The same thing for canned air. Silly!