Monday, May 28, 2012

From Small Things...

...big things one day come.

For someone who loves vintage, antiques and wishes she had lived in the 40s and 50s, I have um...eclectic musical tastes  :)  My holy trinity consists of Nick Lowe, Warren Zevon and Neil Young.  A close 4th is Dave Edmunds (it's a bit difficult to be a Nick Lowe acolyte and not love Mr Edmunds as well).  My post title comes from this Edmunds tune:

Anywho - here's my first real attempt at transforming something icky to something kinda Frenchy.  It's not as successful as I would have liked, but it's a start (my lack of photography skills aren't any help, either).

I had a 4-piece set of really ugly copper canisters circa 1985.  They weren't the real stuff - if they were, I would have been guarding them with my life instead of spray painting them antique white.  They were from S&H Green Stamps (all you bloggers under about 40 - run go Wikipedia that phrase...I'll wait) and they were just really ugly.  I don't have a "before" picture of them, but they kinda look liked this - only really hideous:

My first step was to spray paint them antique white (apologies again - I didn't take step by step photos).

I then used some label graphics from the goddess who is the Graphics Fairy.  I simply photocopied them in reverse image and used Modge Podge to transfer them using that method.

After letting them dry overnight, I dampened the paper and rolled off the excess.  I scuffed the labels up a bit with some finer grit sandpaper.

Finally, I painted on/wiped off MinWax stain in #2716 Dark Walnut.  

I know these photos are execrable, but after I finished the work, I took the set to my friends' house.  It was Easter Sunday and she had a houseful of women.  I prevaricated (coff) and told them I bought them at a flea market and what did they think?  I had 2 of them offer to buy the set from me on the spot ($45) and the others thought they were really great.  When I explained the origins, they couldn't believe it.  Until you pick it up and feel how light it is, you'd swear it was very old stoneware.

Anyway - there it is.  I wish I could devote more time to spiffing up my blog and doing more of these crafty things but I have a 100-mile a day commute to a soul-sucking job I was fortunate to find after being laid off for 11 months.  Some days I come home, walk the dog, pour a glass of wine, run a bubble bath and collapse.  Dave Edmunds - take me away!

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  1. These are beautiful! I really want to try that mod podge technique. It looks so good. Your canisters turned out great!