Saturday, June 30, 2012

My First "Roadside Rescue"!

Sometimes, following home decor blogs is like a lot like reading romance novels, you know?  "Breathlessly, Charmaine swooned upon seeing the perfectly intact Louis XIV chair and cormandel screen lying discarded on the dung heap".



Um, yeah, right.  And just like with romance novels, I always think - "Hey!  Why doesn't that ever happen to me?"

Ditto Goodwill/Salvation Army shopping.  "Look at the perfectly *marvy* 9,394 piece place setting of Reed & Barton's "Love Disarmed" sterling I found at the local Salvation Army here in Shlabotnickville and it only cost me $4.39!"  Meanwhile, the Bethlehem PA Goodwill where I stopped is full of Precious Moments, Princess House crystal and ugly cafeteria-style ironstone.



But, finally - it happened to me.  Yep, it did, and at the very end of the lane on which I live!

I found *this* yesterday - waiting for the waste disposal technicians:

Hey - that's my house!

No cracks, no chips, no de-silvering, no "age spots".  Tight frame as well (that somehow doesn't sound...right  lol)

Nice detail on the frame:

I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed, but I believe this is the piece I've been looking for to hang over my bar area:

More to follow; now I'm off to the local sludge refinery; I hear someone found an entire service for 12 of "Flora Danica" there just last week!  ;)

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