Monday, July 9, 2012

Be Still, My Heart

I think I have found my perfect new bed linen.  Of course, I stumbled upon it by accident, and from what I can tell, it's out of production (Story Of My Life - Chapter Eleventy Billion).  It's called "Linen Rose" by Court of Versailles.  It's grays and whites and linen tones and I think it's going to be *perfect* for my bedroom re-do.

I would need the queen duvet, 2 king shams and 2 Euro shams.  The foo-foo accessory pillows would be spiffy, too, but those tend to be the priciest on eBay.  I've got the other items under watch, so hopefully I'll score.

My bedroom currently looks like this:

Attractive, I think, but I've wanted to ditch that Mediterranean blue paint ever since I moved in here 3 years ago.  The furniture finish will stay "as is". 

I'm going to Killz the walls to get a true white base, and then I'm going with a light gray paint and a very, very, very, very pale violet wash on that.  Accessories will be white, gray and pale violet.  I think it will make for a lovely, calm, quietly elegant scheme.

My bed is dark green metal with a slightly textured finish.  The nightstands are from the late, lamented Bombay Company, and are black wrought iron with slightly silvered medallions and white and black veined marble tops.

I cannot afford to replace the bed, and besides - I do like it.  My thoughts are to paint the bed and the black iron parts of the nightstands with a gray paint, and then with a linen color that will match the sheets (assuming I can win them).  I'd distress the pieces so the gray shows through.  The medallions on the tables I would slightly silver with Rub N Buf.  Does anyone have any input on the type of paint I might use?  Or whether or not this would even be feasible?

In the meantime, please pray that the eBay gods are kind, generous, and cheap!  :) 

UPDATE - 7.20.12

Duvet scored!  eBay for $69 plus $10 shipping.  Allegedly retails for $440 (says the skeptical blogger), but $79 is a reasonable amount to pay for it new in packaging.  Woot!

UPDATE - 7.24.12

Duvet arrived - wow!  It's *heavy* (in a good way!).  Linen/cotton blend and it's *gorgeous* - even more so than the pictures can show.  I can believe it retailed for $440...the finishes and the details are meticulous...very pleased!

UPDATE - 7.28.12

I scored two king shams and two Euro shams on eBay for pennies.  $21.99 each for the kings - retail sticker on unopened package says $113.00 each!  Waiting on the Euros - those were $32.99 each...can't wait to see what *they* retailed for!  I'm thrilled!

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  1. sounds like a lovely plan! I DO think you will love it! If you don't 'score' the linens why not look into the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target White Heirloom has the ruffles like this one, but its all white, mostly available and they DO offer a lovely linen set that may be similar for you. keep us posted :D